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Who was Allie Ogee?

This is from an article when it was still thought he was part of the Dalton gang.

The Galveston Daily News, Oct. 7, 1892: TOPEKA, Kan., Oct. 6. - [Special] – Allie O'Gee, the only member of the Dalton gang who escaped at Coffeyville yesterday, is native of this, Shawnee county, and well known here. He is a son of John L. O'Gee, a citizen of Pottawatomie county, by his second wife, and consequently half brother of the large and wealthy O'Gee family now living near Silver lake. He is one-fourth Indian. Considerable inharmony characterized the life of his parents and his mother left O'Gee a short time before the boy was born. They lived in Topeka a while, then went to Lawrence and from there to Coffeyville, where the boy was raised in the family of Dr. Wood. He came back to Shawnee county four years ago, and his oldest half-brother, Robert O'Gee, raised a question of the legitimacy of his birth and contested his interest in his father's estate. H. M. Curtis, now police judge of Topeka and candidate for county attorney, was appointed guardian of the boy.

The case was heard before A. B. Quinton, then, probate judge, who decided in the boy's favor.

He left here two years ago, being then of age, taking $500, all that remained after the expenses of the suit had been paid, and went to the Indian territory. He seemed to be an orderly, quiet boy, except he had the Indian characteristic of a roving disposition.

Xenia Daily Gazette, Oct. 8, 1892: WICHITA, KAS., Oct. 7. – Ollie Ogee, who, it was supposed, was the only member of the Dalton bandit gang to escape, is here, and has been here for nine months past. He works in the packing houses, and the foreman of the Dold's plant says he has not missed a day's work in the last three weeks, so it is impossible for him to have been with the Coffeyville robbers. Dr. Wood, of Coffeyville, Ogee's foster-father, is here to-day, and says he cannot understand how Ogee's name became connected with that of the Daltons.

I have found nowhere any explanation why O'Gee was suspected of being with the Daltons. After the raid he wrote to Coffeyville explaining his whereabouts at the time of the raid.